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Our Mission

Redefining Meme Coins

It’s not just about creating hype; it’s about creating real utility and trust. The project is determined to take its coin to unprecedented highs, setting a new standard in the crypto world.


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Sell Tax

Unlocking Success

Transparency is Key

Transparency is a foundational principle for TODEX. Unlike other meme coins that often leave investors in the dark, TODEX believes in involving the community in every step of its development through voting. This commitment to open decision-making sets it apart.

Community Voting


Fair Launch

With the community in mind we opted for a fair launch strategy working with our partners at Coin Official and Gempad allowing for correct allocations for all early investors.


Soft Cap

7 Billion


TODEX's Roadmap

Phase 01


Quality comes first. We took our time to plan out everything and build our production pipeline for a good quality artworks.

  • Release Website and Branding
  • Smart Contract and Audit
  • Partnerships Created
Phase 02


In collaboration with our partners, we meticulously prepare all the intricate launch details.

  • Public Presale on Gempad
  • Global Marketing/ partnerships
  • Community Growth
Phase 03

Initiate Launch

Monitor performance, gather feedback, and fine-tune our strategies for ongoing success in the market.

  • Release website and logo
  • Grow community
  • Launch the project

Security and Verification

Audited By Contract Wolf

ContractWolf provides a comprehensive, top of the line audit service. Audit Details can be found HERE.

KYC Completed By ICSA

A premium KYC experience and gateway to a trusted and compliant crypto experience. KYC Details supplied HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pre-sale is being hosted on Gempad. After the pre-sale is complete the $TODEX token will be tradeable via Raydium. Just add the contract address to your wallet or Dex and start trading!

Contract address:
Todex Fair Launch on Gempad

Contract Address ERC-20 on ETH 4CdtFXdHLabVAnpzxKbc48j2TQfifumq634FdhKq6dse

Strategic partnerships with top influencers, KOL's, and partnerships. We already have plans lined up for CEX listings and fast tracks.

The contract is straight from Gempad using a full proof contract that already has been pre-audited by Contract Wolf. You can find the audit here. You can also see the KYC details from AJ here.

No! Whether you're sending, receiving, or trading SOL, you can do so without worrying about additional tax deductions. This means that the amount you send is the amount received, providing a straightforward and transparent user experience. Enjoy seamless and cost-effective transactions with our token on the Solana network.